Navigators Academy


Navigators Academy and Navigators Alliance engage acknowledged leaders of influence to coach Academy class members on critical problem solving and engagement skills plus provide access to their spheres of influence. Alliance members (including coaches) are committed to civic and community engagement and to strengthening the Alliance and its members.

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Are you looking for a community leader that is skillful at problem solving, communicating, team building and accessing influence for a community group? Or, do you need a committee member who will give all, volunteer of suburb training or someone who can bounce ideas? This website presents a diverse listing of some of the best our community has to offer.

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Benefits of being part of the Navigators Academy and Navigators Alliance


1. Access to all of Navigators coaches and presenters

2. You are ALWAYS invited to all future classes

3. You are presented in this official website as a member of the Navigators Academy and Alliance

4. Access to all case studies presented by our coaches and their respective answer

5. Access to all Navigators Members contact information

6. Get personal and individualized coaching from the most influential leaders in the State!


If you are a navigators Alliance member, coach member or presenter and are trying to obtain information of one of our members please click on the button below