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After several years in the industry, our founders decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by helping others. Our ramp up process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your company's and personal growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Mission


 Our Mission is to accelerate the process of acquiring the skills and access to influence that are desired, if not required, to effectively serve in positions of responsibility.


While providing financial support is a benefit to community organizations, providing access to influence and financial support by way of trusted introductions, is also a much-desired asset.  The Academy class member’s ability to think critically, problem solve and communicate effectively fill an additional requisite of many civic and community organizations.

Committed to serve our community


  Navigators empower a diverse membership, with an emphasis on under-represented leaders with influence among women, individuals of color and diverse ethnic origins. This group of trusted associates will provide community organizations with qualified leaders that more accurately reflect the populations they serve.   

As part of the participation in this program, we required each of our cohort members to   

to contribute the sum of $1,000 to the cause, charity, passion of your choice within the next 12 months.

Benefits of being part of the Navigators Academy and Navigators Alliance


1. Access to all of Navigators coaches and presenters

2. You are ALWAYS invited to all future classes

3. You are presented in this official website as a member of the Navigators Academy and Alliance

4. Access to all case studies presented by our coaches and their respective answer

5. Access to all Navigators Members contact information

6. Get personal and individualized coaching from the most influential leaders in the State!


Pat Jones, Deseret News

Jim Wall and Jeff Smith are two successful businessmen, who have established the Navigator’s Academy designed to teach, train, inspire, motivate and integrate the next generation of leaders and influencers critical to the success of our communities and economy. When many people fade into the sunset upon retirement, Jim and Jeff are spending countless hours helping young people develop critical leadership skills for individual and organization success, such as critical thinking, active listening, problem solving, communication, team building, conflict resolution, social perceptiveness, etc. They are connecting current leaders with budding leaders, emphasizing the need for more female leaders. They are remarkable role models.

Megan Selin - Fall, 2017 Class

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the inaugural Navigators group. The experience has been wonderful and enlightening. I've loved the format and found the cases to be so much more educational than the Harvard Business School cases studied in college because we get to hear from the authors.

Paul R. Jibson- Spring, 2018 Class

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Navigators Academy. The speakers were phenomenal with their experiences and advice. Jeff and Jim have put a program together that would be incredibly beneficial to anyone wanting to learn from their experiences and gain valuable insight from some of the most prominent leaders in the community.

Nwanne Nwando-Spring, 2018 Class

I really want to appreciate you for the amazing opportunity given to me to be a part of something as amazing as the Navigators Academy. Navigators Academy has given me a better insight on how to be a better leader, how to create and maintain trusted relationship and most importantly improve my problem-solving skills with emphasis on critical thinking at the work environment and community at large. It is truly a great honor being a part of this cohort among'st great men and women and be able to learn from amazing leaders in our community. 

Suzette Alles-Spring, 2018 Class

Navigators Academy has been one of the most valuable and inspirational trainings I have ever participated in. It goes well beyond academic learning, and truly develops individuals to become a greater influence for good in the workplace and community by teaching problem-solving skills, communication skills, and how to build trusted relationships. It has been a privilege to learn from so many successful leaders.


Navigators Academy Staff

Jim Wall


  President & Founder of Navigators Academy

Jeff Smith


  President & Founder of Navigators Academy

Aynoa Rincon


Navigators Academy Program Director