Navigators Academy


 In consideration of the gifts of others and in support of the mission of the Navigators Academy, I, As an part of the 5th cohort of the Navigators Academy, I intend to contribute the sum of your class fee to the cause, charity, passion of your choice within the next 12 months. 

Don't know where to volunteer?

We know that finding the right place to volunteer at is not easy. That's why, thanks to our Alliance members and current coaches, we have composed a list of resources that might be beneficial for the search

You job has a matching gift program?

Some organizations (and many more everyday) prioritize time off for their employers to volunteer and help the community. If your company does, please fill out our Volunteering in kind donation form, specifically the Matching gift section 

Started volunteering with an organization but changed my mind..

It's completely normal if you have change which organization you are volunteering with. Contact us to update your information at your earliest convenience.

Have an organization/board in mind but don't know what to do next?

Good job on finding your organizational/board match! Next, fill out our Volunteering in kind donation form. Then, reach out to he organization/board and let them know you are interested on working with them

Don't have the time/resources to give back to the community?

We understand life gets busier and busier everyday, but don't worry! Ask your supervisor/organization if they offer a volunteer matching program, where they will count your volunteer hours as working hours

More questions...

If you have more questions.. contact us!!

Letter of Commitment in kind Donation